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Monday September 24th 2018

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Waikiki Trolley Sends Woman to Hospital

A trolley accident in Waikiki sent woman to the hospital, after she was struck at the intersection of Kuhio and Seaside by an E Noa Tours trolley. She was crossing the street when the trolley struck her. Afterwords, an ambulance took her to Queens Medical center. The 28 year old woman was reported to be in serious condition.

An unidentified man in his twenties was struck by an E Noa Tours trolley while crossing Ala Moana Boulevard in July, 2013, and a 71 year old man standing next to the right side, center fell off on a left turn as the trolley was leaving Ala Moana Center.

E Noa Tours has about 60 trolleys

E Noa Tours official statement:
Waikiki trolley drivers all take extensive safety classes as part of their eight week training course to protect the both the passengers on board their vehicles and pedestrians and fellow motorists. The personal safety and health of each employee and customer of Waikiki Trolley are of primary importance to the entire staff.