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Friday June 22nd 2018

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Teacher loses Wife and Two Daughters, Boat Sinks on Titicaca killing 13

What: shipwreck
Where: Lake Titicaca Bolivia
When: Dec 6, 2012
Who: 13 fatalities, 27 aboard
Why: Five people are still unaccounted for from the ship that capsized on Lake Titicaca on December 6. The wooden boat left the port of the island of Suriki bound for the lakeside town of Huatajata, an hour’s ride. Nine people were rescued. The engine died, and those who could swim survived.

The ship was overleaded and went down a mile from Suriqui island. Three of the deceased are children. Four passengers were hanging on to the capsized boat when rescuers arrived. The unidentified captain aid an eddy had destabilized the vessel. There is speculation that alcohol was involved and that the boat should not have been taken out during high tide.

Some of the deceased were of the same family. A teacher lost his wife and two daughters.

According to survivors, water started coming into the boat, and people were screaming. The boat began slowly sinking.

Some of the 27 aboard made it out safely. Most of the passengers were teachers who went to an end of year ceremony in Suriqui.