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Sunday July 22nd 2018

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Stara Zagora Bus Kills 8, 2 comatose, Death Toll may rise

What: Бургас Тур-90 (Burgas Burgas Tour 90) Bus en route from Sofia to the Black Sea city of Burgas
Where: Stara Zagora, Southern Bulgaria
When: Wednesday June 15 2011
Who: 8 fatalities, 16 injured, 2 in coma (31 passengers in all)
Why: The bus hit a traffic barrier near the city of Plovdiv, flipped and burst into flames on Trakia highway.

The driver, 43-year-old Svetoslav Dimitrov, is in custody and denies any memory of the crash. He tested negative for alcohol. A charge of negligence could result in imprisonment from 5 to 15 years.

Six victims died in the crash, and the rest died on the way to the hospital. Two were in a coma, and 14 more were taken to hospitals.

The dead included a young Turkish man, a teen, and one of the drivers. Relatives are attempting to identify the bodies which are said to be burned beyond recognition.

One of drivers, identified as Ivan Chakaro, is deceased.

Police are considering either that there was a technical malfunction of the vehicle, that one or both of the rear tires blew, or that the driver fell asleep. The bus veered left and struck the railing before overturning.

Spokesman of the Ministry of the Interior OD-Stara Zagora Yonka Georgieva was aboard, and 20-year Plamena of Primorsko (a 3 time beauty contestant winner), 14-year Boyana Rangelova and her mother, Mehmed Zyufeker from Средна Махала (Mahala Average village.) A Bulgarian with a German passport and an employee of Globul whose name is Iviana were also fatalities.

St George is treating Ivan Tishev(33) from Burgas, Alex Stoilov (52) Maletova Maya (44), Julieta Paneva, Milena Dimitrova (23), Liliana Ranchev (46).

The University Hospital in Plovdiv has 22 injured, including 45-year-old Albena Uzunova, who is comatose.

A five year old girl in shock survives her mother and sister who are deceased.

Mayor Dimitar Nokolov of Burgas has announced that all bus companies in Burgas will be undergoing inspections.