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Monday September 24th 2018

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Sewol Ferry


170 people are currently missing in the sunken Sewol Ferry. The official death toll is now at 128.

The twenty-year old ferry had an additional deck installed in 2012.

Divers have visited the sunken ferry and retrieved two dozen bodies on the 22nd and twenty-eight bodies on the 21st.

There were 376 passengers aboard when it sank, many of whom (339) were high schoolers and teachers en route to a school trip Jeju. Passengers were told to stay put, and paid for their traditional obedience with their lives. “Stay where you are” announcements were made at least three times.

The captain Lee Joon-seok and two crewmen have been charged with negligence after abandoning ship, without helping passengers. Only one lifeboat was deployed. Crewmen say the ferry’s tilt made accessing lifeboats impossible. The captain may face a life sentence. Although some of the crew gave their life jackets to passengers, and at least one lost his life, seven crewmen have been arrested; and the the Yoo family who owns the ferry can not leave the country in order that they can be held accountable for poor management.


Danwon High School attendees held a candlelight vigil in honor of the missing.