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Sunday July 22nd 2018

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Russians Killed and Injured on Greek Tourbus Rushing in Rain to Airport

What: Bus en route to Makedonia Airport
Where: Thessaloniki
When: Sept 14, 2012
Who: 4 fatalities, 30+ injuries
Why: Thirty-three adults and three children were hospitalized after a bus flipped on a rainy road. Two had serious injuries that required surgery. Alexei Andreev Antipov and Samara Tatiana were operated on, then transferred from intensive care to a general ward. A Mouzenidis Travel guide is in intensive care on a respirator.

Fifty one tourists from Russia were aboard. There were four fatalities. Twenty passengers were released from the hospital. Two men and two women died in the accident. The death toll may have risen to five, but this was not confirmed.

Nine individuals were treated at the Ahepa emergency room. Seventeen victims were taken to Gennimatas Hospital.

Immediately after the crash, one of the first out of the bus rushed back in and pulled out another passenger. Passenger Catherine Zelentsova said that it was impossible to breathe, that the air was full of dust and debris.

Police believe the driver, who lost control on a slippery road is at fault in the accident.

The upper limit of the tourbus insurance is 30,000 euros but the Greek travel company, Mouzenidis Travel promised to assist if needed.

The Greek foreign Ministry made a statement: (translated)
“Foreign Minister Dimitris Avramopoulos telephoned the Russian Ambassador yo Greece Vladimir Tschikvisvili and expressed his sincere condolences because of the tragic accident which claimed the lives of four Russian citizens. The D.Avramopoulos also wished speedy recovery of the injured and expressed the readiness of the Greek Foreign Ministry to provide any possible support.”

The passengers had been on the 22-kilometer route to the airport to catch flights to St. Petersburg and Samara. Passengers released from the hospital will be provided hotel accommodations until the first flights are available.