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Monday July 16th 2018

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Paramount Angkor Express Tour bus Crashes in Cambodia

What: Paramount Angkor Express Tour bus en route from Sihanoukville and Koh Kong
Where: Cambodia
When: Feb 29, 2012, 1:25 pm
Who: 46 aboard
Why: The driver of the bus fled the scene after the tour bus he was driving had a flat in one of the front tires and flipped because he was speeding. The driver was new to the route on National Road 48 in Koh Kong province and had little experience driving. A 72 year old Austrian woman died in the hospital. A five year old Cambodian girl had her arm amputated; and there were a number of head injuries and broken bones.

Passengers purchased their tickets from Rith Mony bus company but the branch owner, Mab Rithmony, denies responsibility. A ticket seller for Paramount Bus Company in Preah Sihanouk province said that Paramount was responsible for the traffic accident even though customers had Rith Mony tickets. It is unverified whether or not the owners of Paramont and Rith Mony are American-Cambodian brothers or if Compensation will be handled through the insurance company, Caminco Insurance Company.

A 23 year old Russian woman died on impact, and another tourist died at the hospital; apparently a third fatality was a local whose house was impacted by the bus.

The injured were taken to the Koh Kong hospital. Of the six Cambodians aboard, four were injured, in addition to the dozens of foreign tourists who were injured.