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Tuesday June 19th 2018

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Oil Spills into Black Sea after Russian Pipeline Rupture

montanapipelineA leakage in Tikhoretsk-Tuapse oil pipeline near Tuapse oil port in Krasnodar Krai, Russia, has caused a major spill in the Black Sea on December 23.

According to ChernomorTransneft, a subsidiary of Russia’s main oil transport company Transneft, “The wall of the pipeline broke due to… a landslide.” They said the leakage, which was caused in an under-construction part of the pipeline located around 9 kilometers from the Black Sea coast, has spilled some 8.4 cubic meters into Tuapse river.

The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) said, “According to WWF’s information regarding the surface area and characteristics of the spill, the volume of the spill could be 500 to 700 tonnes (nearly 800 cubic metres).”

The pipeline was shut down while a cleanup operation was launched by the Country’s sea and river transport authority on Wednesday.

The local government has declared emergency in the city. A statement from the Krasnodar regional government said, “Work is complicated by a storm, with waves two to three metres (up to 10 feet) high.”