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Thursday September 20th 2018

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Nairobi Crash, Two Fatalities, Lots of Confusion

According to one source, two schoolbuses, one from Vidhu Ramji School and one from the Kahuhia Girls, collided on the Nakuru-Naivasha highway.

According to another source, there was one Murang’a school bus that tried to pass another vehicle and struck an oncoming truck. This source says the bus had 56 students aboard, 39 of whom were injured.

Both versions of this accident said that one driver and one teenaged girl student were killed. The Kahuhia Girls were in a Murang’a High School bus en route from National Music Festivals where they had performed. More than 100,000 attended.

Their driver who was injured in the crash, and along with one student, were both hospitalized at Rift Valley Provincial General Hospital. The driver died at the hospital. Sixteen students were taken to St Mary’s Mission hospital.