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Sunday July 22nd 2018

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Multiple Train Collisions at Bad Crossing


Scarcely a week apart two drivers collided with a train at the Pleasant Prairie train crossing in Wisconsin, where locals requested better signals in 2011. In classic doublespeak, the railroad commissioner said that it was not a priority, but that “if I had my way, I’d put lights and gates at every crossing in the state.”

Because two accidents happened close together, the crossing will be investigated again.

Saul Ruiz-Rocha, 28, was issued four citations: inattentive driving, driving without a license and insurance, and failure to wear a seatbelt. It was raining at the time of the accident.

Both Ruiz-Rocha and Juan Matius the driver of the June 26 accident struck a stationary train at the crossing.

On June 26, Juan struck the train in the middle of the night as it was parked on the tracks crossing the street, with inadequate lighting to show that it was there. It is impossible to tell that his car was a Toyota Corolla. The lawyer is still trying to find out who is responsible. Matius is considering a law suit.


Now the country says they are putting up lights. They are expecting the railroad commission to put up gates.