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Sunday July 22nd 2018

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Multiple Injuries, 2 Deaths when Chile TurBus 2082 Drives off Cliff

What: TurBus doubledecker bus 2082
Where: N Chile
When: Jan 19 2012 6:30 am
Who: 2 fatalities, 4+ injuries
Why: Mario Muñoz Jerez was driving the bus when 20 miles south of Tocopilla, the accident occurred at kilometer 168 on Route D-1, in an area known as Piedra Elefante, between Mejillones and Tocopilla.

Jerez had been on the road for an hour and a half when the accident occurred. There is speculation that the driver fell asleep, and failed to negotiate a curve in the road, projecting the bus over a cliff.

Reports are that there is no cell service to the area, which has slowed down reports.

A woman, Analía Reyes Pascal, 33, and a thirteen year old girl, Isidora García Astorga, died in the impact.

Gravely injured were Alexo Malia Masi at Hospital de Antofagasta,
Giorgina Caballero Nuñez at Hospital de Antofagasta, José Ayala Opazo at Hospital de Antofagasta and Raúl Mejías Copa at Hospital de Antofagasta

The following had minor injuries:

Heriberta Copa Aguila: Hospital de Tocopilla
Paola Rojas Rojas: Hospital de Tocopilla
Richard Ribera González: Hospital de Tocopilla
Albert Mamani Condori: Hospital de Tocopilla
Ashley Jeira Galvez : Hospital de Tocopilla
Camila Malicet Retamal: Hospital de Tocopilla
Catalina García Aguirre: Hospital de Tocopilla
Daniel Robledo Huerta : Hospital de Tocopilla
Denis Hotulla Otiga: Hospital de Tocopilla
Jorge Rodríguez Rodríguez : Hospital de Tocopilla
Jorge Rojas Quispe: Asociación Chilena de Seguridad
Julio mejías Mamani: Hospital de Tocopilla
Lucila Plaza Guzmán: Hospital de Tocopilla
Luis Fajardo Araya: Hospital de Tocopilla
Luis Flores Teizan: Hospital de Tocopilla
Marcos Cortes Cisternas: Hospital de Tocopilla
María Poblete Espinoza: Hospital de Tocopilla
Ovidio Chuquiña Catari: Asociación Chilena de Seguridad

Turbus made a statement that they “regret the incident that occurred this morning and the death of two people to whom they send their deepest condolences.”