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Thursday September 20th 2018

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Miracle Survivors of Bus Falling off Cliff

What: Novinky.cz bus
Where: Prague, Czech Republic
When: April 18, 2011
Who: 13 injured
Why: While taking shoppers from a subway to shopping malls, on a perfectly straight stretch of road, the driver crashed through a fence, then the public transport bus fell off a cliff on Prague’s rocky outskirts, and rolled, killing the driver. The impetus of the fall stopped short of a creek at the foot of the cliff. There is some speculation that the driver became sick.

Fourteen passengers were injured in the crash, although none were reported to be in life-threatened condition. Two were seriously injured. The original number of sixteen injured was downgraded to thirteen. Dozens of ambulances, helicopters, and firefighters responded.

(Though that looks like a miracle, considering that the bus fell from a cliff.)