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Saturday September 22nd 2018

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Korean Fishing Boat Aflame in Antarctica 3:00 A.M. Mayday

What: South Korean “Sunwoo Corporation” ship Jung Woo 2
Where: Ross Sea, Antarctica
When: Jan 11, 2012
Who: 3 fatalities, 5 injured, 40 aboard
Why: A fire that may have started in a ships living quarters ignited the S. Korean Fishing boat Jung Woo 2, causing them to send a distress call at 3:00 a m. The out of control fire burned three fishermen to death in their quarters, and five had burn injuries. The crew attempted fighting the fire but it burned out of control.

Three hours after the fire began, the Jung Woo 3 and the Hong Jin 707 arrived to assist. They helped rescue 25 men on a raft and 12 more who had stayed aboard when the 2nd raft burned.

The Jun Woo 2 fishes for Chilean sea bass, crab and other bottom-dwelling fish

New Zealand authorities “Rescue Coordination Centre of New Zealand” are remotely coordinating rescue efforts.

The injured will be taken into the “Nathaniel B. Palmer,” a US Research vessel expected to arrive on Jan 11 to treat the injured and transport them to New Zealand.

* Conflicting accounts: The video below says there are individuals unaccounted for; print media accounts claim they were lifted by crane on to one of the rescue ships or never left their cabins.