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Thursday September 20th 2018

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Identification of Victims is Complete

What: Chartered Toptours bus (Aarschot)
Where: A9 highway near Sierre, western Switzerland,
When: March 14, 2012, 9 p.m.
Who: 22 Belgian 12-year-olds 6th grade students from two classes in Lommel Colony (Lommel) and St Lambertus Catholic School(Heverlee) and six adults, 24 injured, 52 aboard
Why: The 22 child victims and six adults killed in the crash have been identified. Eight injured children have already flown home. On March 16 the 7 Dutch and 21 Belgium were flown home. Sixteen wounded children remain hospitalized in Swiss Hospitals. A girl and two boys are comatose.

Belgium observed a minute of silence in memorial of the deaths. At a ceremony, a candle was lit for each victim.

“With this candle, I think of you.”

There are three causes to the bus crashing into the wall of the Tunnel de Geronde being discussed: human error, the driver’s health, or bus problems. The bus had seatbelts, but it has not been noted how many were using them.

A little girl who survived with two broken legs and a broken arm, ‘I felt a hard jolt. Then everything went dark.The seats worked loose and were flung around the bus. I was hurled forward and ended up pinned between two of the seats.’

Extensive coverage of the crash, including photos of some of the children, can be found here.