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Thursday September 20th 2018

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Head On Train Collision in Amsterdam Outskirts

What: Den Helder- Nijmegen train express train; Amsterdam – Uitgeest passenger train
Where: Sloterdijk (Amsterdam suburb)
When: April 21
Who: 13 major injuries, 44 severe injuries, 70 minor injuries
Why: 125 were injured in Amsterdam when the express and passenger trains collided head-on on the canal bridge near Westerpark between Amsterdam Central and Amsterdam Sloterdijk stations. Hundreds of passengers were aboard.The injured were evacuated by fleets of ambulances and two trauma helicopters after extraction by crane from the crushed train cars. Passengers described being smashed against the train, or thrown from their seats by the impact but the trains did not derail. Injuries include broken bones and abrasions. Both drivers sustained injuries.

Prorail made a public statement sending sympathy to the injured. “Our sympathy goes out to the injured and their families. Our first priority is of course now for the welfare of the injured passengers and we thank all the helpers for their tremendous efforts this. Research should later prove what is the cause of this tragic accident. “

Many rescue personnel responded to the scene. Those with minor injuries were treated on scene and bused to hotels.

Both trains were on the same track and each going about thirty mph (combined force of 60 mph) when they collided. One had just left Amsterdam central station; the other Amsterdam Sloterdijk.

All of the wounded have been removed. Witnesses indicated that one of the trains blew a long hard whistle before the crash. Traffic to the airport has been affected although the airport-bound train was not involved. The front of the passenger train sustained the most damage. The National Police Agency isn’t ruling out that one of the trains ran a light. The Dutch Red Cross and a spokesperson of the Sigma-spot volunteer counseling group have a dozen caregivers available to support the professional medical workers.

Both the The Research Council for Safety and and Environment Inspection and Transport are investigating.
The phone number provided for family members of those involved in the crash is 020 – 25 39 200.