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Thursday September 20th 2018

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Freedom of the Press? Right to Assemble?

Opponents of fracking want Boulder to ban fracking. Their position is that the process is not safe and threatens water supplies.

Tuesday Anti-fracking protesters disrupted a Boulder meeting and criticized individuals who favor fracking. For nearly half an hour, activist protests delayed the start of the Boulder County commissioners’ Tuesday afternoon meeting on oil and gas regulations. Activists told commissioners that if they didn’t ban fracking, “…we demand your immediate resignations.”

The meeting was to start at four. The actual public hearing began at about 5:30 and lasted nearly 2 1/2 hours. More than 30 people spoke.

In the meeting, pro-fracking attendees were made to feel unsafe.

Boulder County commissioners say they will prosecute anyone disrupting meetings.

We’re all for freedom of the press, but be careful your ears don’t shrivel from the shrill activists in the youtube below. Most of them appear to be in elementary school. Hopefully the pro-fracking attendees didn’t feel too threatened.