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Friday June 22nd 2018

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Ecuadorian bus crash

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What: Reina Del Camino Interprovincial Bus 57 en route from Quito to Chone and San Isidro
Where: between Flavio Alfaro and El Carmen, Ecuador
When: Dec 24, 2010
Who: 35 killed, 34 injured, 83 passengers were on the bus
Why: Driving on a foggy, rainy mountain road, the bus’s gear box failed as well as the brakes, leaving the driver unable to shift gears or stop. The bus was full beyond capacity.

The driver lost control. The bus went off the road with the passengers aboard screaming, rolled for 200 yards, hit a tree and boulder, and fell into a ravine, killing 35 at the scene, injuring 34. The death toll may rise. Five ambulances responded to the scene.

Sandra Delgado, Technical Director of the Fund of Compulsory Insurance of Traffic Accidents (Fonsat) said that families who have lost a loved one will receive $ 5,400 compensation without the intervention of a lawyer.