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Saturday September 22nd 2018

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Death Toll in PCEA crash in Nairobi rises to Ten

A 51-seat bus carrying Presbyterian Church of East Africa (PCEA) members to Nairobi from a youth conference in Mombasa was trying to pass another vehicle when it was struck in the side by an oil tanker, initially killing four and sending twenty-one to various hospitals in Mombasa, mainly private hospitals due a health crisis. (There is a health workers’ strike in public hospitals countrywide.)

St Johns Ambulance responded to the scene confirming that four died there, including the driver.

The death toll in the crash has risen to ten. Six died at the Coast General Hospital in Mombasa.

The oil tanker did not explode.

Coast Region Matatu Owners Association coordinator Mr Salim Mbarak Salim asked bus drivers not to overload their buses or speed.

A year ago PCEA lost 13 women—including two teachers, a tutor, a lecturer at Moi University, two nurses and a secretary—in a bus accident in Tanzania.