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Saturday September 22nd 2018

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Chiva bus crashes near Cali, Colombia

Twelve died and sixty-six were injured in an accident falling three hundred feet from a mountainous road while en route from Jambalo municipality to Toribio.

The bus full of indigenous Colombians had departed a festival in Jambalo. The exact number of wounded and deceased is still up in the air. Most of the injured were treated at Jambaló and Toribio medical centers, but some were taken to Popyan and Cali. The term “Chiva” community translates to “goatee community,” a term referring to an indigenous population.

Teams from Toribio and Jambalo responded to assist in the rescue.

This is the third accident of traditional Colombian ‘chivas’ buses following the festival this year. The buses are sometimes very old, and transformed into party buses for the festival’s duration.

The 40 capacity bus was carrying around sixty passengers on treacherous, poorly maintained roads.

Wilfran Evelio Medina, 7 años
Emiliano Guejía Trochez
Mariano Dagua
William Oinó
Ferney Marín Dagua
Arbey Medina
Arbelia Municué
María Elvia Fuetía
Celia Ramos
Carmen Ipia Ramos

At the hospital Santander de Quilichao

Anderson Medina Ull, 13 años
Blanca Mireya Julicue, 24 años
Arbey Tróchez Mestizo, 27 años
Darío Ramos Tróchez, 28 años
Luz Yaneteh Dizú, 16 años
José Darío Tróchez, 16 años

In the clinic La Estancia de Popayán

María Claudia Conda, 29 años
María Menzuque, 32 años
Leonardo Medina, 13 años
Yurani Taquinás, 16 años
Yurán Tróchez (madre en gestación), 22 años

In the hospital at San José de Popayán

Miryam Angela Cuetia, 22 años
Luz Ermencia Ipia, 22 años
Andrés Mario Estrada, 32 años
Diocelina Quiguanás, 26 años
Reinaldo Quitumbo Dagua, 27 años
Olivia Atuza, 19 años

Hospital Universitario del Valle

Ricardo Trochez, 35 años
Wilder Ramos, 5 años

I feel terrible about the loss of life and injuries suffered by so many.