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Friday June 22nd 2018

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Children Injured in Ecuador Schoolbus Crash

What: Imbacarchi cooperative Pedro de Arobe Schoolbus en route to Imbabura
Where: Concepcion in El Carchi, Ecuador
When: Friday October 28, 2011, at 2:30 pm
Who: eight fatalities, 24 injuries
Why: The schoolbus was taking students of Imbacarchi cooperative Pedro de Arobe home to Imbabura when the bus fell into a ravine.

The crash brought emergency responders, including police and the Red Cross relief, who could not say initially if this was the total number of victims (11) was correct. It turns out more were in the wreckage. After the bus ran off the road, the injured were taken to St. Vincent de Paul hospital in Ibarra. The number of reported dead has been as high as 12.