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Thursday September 20th 2018

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Ceris Resor Driver Faints, Double Decker Bus Falls over

What: Double decker bus en route from Värtahamn to Uppsala, Gävle and Sundsvall.
Where: Stockholm
When: May 13, 2012
Who: 72 passengers
Why: The bus was on E4 motorway and carrying 72 passengers when the driver passed out.

The 55-years-old and has been working as a driver for Ceris Resor for 15 years. A second driver saw what was happening and took controls but could not stop the the bus from veering off the road and nearly coming to a stand-still when it fell over on its side into a ditch. A couple of other vehicles that stopped by the side of the road were involved in separate collisions.

Most of the passengers walked off the bus. Six were injured in the separate collision, however. The bus driver has been hospitalized.
Others on the bus were apparently in shock but uninjured. The CEO of Cerise Travel said that passengers were “damn lucky” that the accident happened the way it did, referring to how the bus had slowed down to a crawl before it fell over. If it had happened at a high speed, it would have been catastrophic.