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Friday June 22nd 2018

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Bus Plummets into Ravine, Killing 29

What: Bus crash en route from Ibarra to San Lorenzo
Where: Quajara Ecuador
When: Feb 19, 2019 7:15 pm
Who: 29 killed, 27 injured
Why: A Ibarra-San Lorenzo bus speeding in Quajara Ecuador ran off a road and fell into an abyss, killing 29 people, including two children. Twenty-seven were injured. Survivors say the bus hit a barrier, bounced and fell into a twenty foot deep ravine; and that after it fell, passengers were piled on each other and the wheels were up.

The driver apparently did not drive to the bus terminal, and instead picked up passengers on the road. The driver died in the crash.

The deceased are in the Hospital San Vicente de Paul morgue in Ibarra.

The more seriously injured passengers were flown to Quito. The investigation is just beginning, but the Ibarra police presumes the cause was speeding.

Several of the passengers were native to the destination, the coastal province of Esmeraldas.