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Sunday July 22nd 2018

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Bus Overturns In Northern Chile

On Friday December 27, 2013, a speeding “Bus-Fer” bus en route from Cochabamba, Bolivia to Arica, Chile flipped killing nine and injuring 40 around 16H00 local (19H00 GMT) near mining Quiborax on the Putre-Arica international road. The route is one-way, at 4000 meters above sea level. Some of the passengers said that just before the accident, the driver warned they were without brakes. The bus had been carrying 45 Bolivian tourists and capsized going downhill on a mountain on a curve.

Skid marks on the pavement show how the driver lost control at high speed. Six women, two men and a little boy died. Another passenger died in the hospital, bringing the casualties to ten. The injured were hospitalized 70 km from the accident site in Arica.

The Bolivian Consulate in Arica attended countrymen at the hospital. One of the passengers was interviewed and said they all just wanted to go home.