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Sunday July 22nd 2018

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Bus Accident in Mexico injures Soccer Team.

A bus fell off the Atoyac River bridge in southern Mexico. Twenty of the forty-five aboard were killed. Members of a soccer team and their families were heading to the Cordoba to a game. When the bus driver lost control,and struck a guard rail, the bus plunged from a height of almost 15 meters into the river. The injured were taken to hospitals including IMSS Covadonga in Cordoba, as well as one in Potrero Nuevo. Among the victims are Juan Pablo Rincón, 35; Guillermo Aponte, 18; Marilim Pérez, 22; Yonathan López; José Ignacio Landeros, 26; Miguel Ángel Borgoña, 29; William Martín Gómez Meneses, 25, and Eustolio Palacios, 51. Además de Eder Edgardo Herrera, 22, Agustín Gómez, 23 años, among others. The area where the accident occurred is mountainous with curving roads. The governor of Veracruz asked drivers use extreme caution on the road.