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Monday August 20th 2018

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Bulgarian Gas Pipe Explodes, Killing 2, injuring 2

What: Pipeline
Where: Stryama and Kalekovest Bulgaria
When: Nov 12 2011
Who: 2 fatalities, 2 injured
Why: While under repair, a gas pipeline between Stryama and Kalekovest in Bulgaria exploded. There is considerable speculation as to the cause, which may have been incorrect repairs made.

However, a spokesman for Bulgaria’s Firefighter Services, Georgi Kunev said the blast was triggered by high pressure which burst the pipes.

Bulgartransgaz, the maintenance subsidiary of Bulgargaz, is the company hired to work on the pipes. Bulgargaz is the only public supplier of natural gas for the Republic of Bulgaria.

In the accident, there were two chambers involved in the pipeline section.

One section has a piston that sparks, and the other chamber stores the gas. Somehow, the piston sparked, and ignited the storage tank, resulting in an explosion.

In George’s Point of View

(The above explanation is taken from a badly translated resource so we are puzzling over it. The facility where the blast occurred is the Stryama pump station, so possibly the piston referred to is part of the pump station. We take this to mean that the pump device operated incorrectly and initiated the spark that caused the blast.)

Two men were injured in the blast. The 42 year old was burned on 15% of his body; the forty year old suffered a fracture of the jaw, leg fractures and multiple burns, and lost an eye; he made it through the night after several surgeries.

We are glad to hear that both workers seem to be on the road to recovery and offer condolences to the other two workers who died in the blast.