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Thursday September 20th 2018

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Fracking: Sophie’s Choice…

The question for people in Pennsylvania is whether they want the money now and possible health problems later.

This is because natural gas is hidden in the Marcellus Shale, thousands of feet beneath Pennsylvania land.

Gas companies want to get at that abundant underground gas that is available through fracking; and locals in Pennsylvania can secure lucrative contracts from those gas companies. But they have to decide if they want to risk the possible consequences of fracking- a controversial process.

One consequence of Pennsylvania Fracking is in Ohio. The volume of drilling wastes from Pennsylvania’s Marcellus shale threatens Ohio’s waste-handling infrastructure of 179 injection wells for disposing of briny waste.

The waste can contain salts and dissolved solids, low-level radiation, toxic heavy metals, oils and grease, toxic chemicals, and volatile organic compounds like benzene.

Calling Erin Brockovich….