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Thursday September 20th 2018

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Autostrade and Mondo Travel May be Accountable for Avellino Bus Accident

After the bus crash that killed 38 near Avellino in Campania, employees of the highway service company, Autostrade are being grilled over the poor condition of the guardrail, and Mondo Travel’s Gennaro Lametta is being questioned about the bus. The bus has been in service since 1995, had more than 500,000 miles, and bits of the transmission had fallen off prior to the accident, possibly slicing through the brake line.

A surviving passenger in the tour group witnessed a flat tire just prior to the accident, then struck several cars (injuring 14 in those cars) before striking the barrier and going through the barrier and over the edge.

The fifty people in the crash had been on their way home to Pozzuol after a weekend in the seaside resort Telese Terme and the church of the Italian national saint Padre Pio in Pietrelcina. The brittle concrete barrier was not enough to stop the bus from going over the edge.

The driver, Ciro Lametta, is among the fatalities. The dead were identified at Municipal Sports Hall of Monte Irpino at Avellino.

The bus was en route from Pietrelcina.

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