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Friday June 22nd 2018

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8 Die in Russian Pile-Up

A bus, truck and a car collied on Saturday in Penza, Russia, killing eight, injuring 22

A car drove into oncoming traffic and struck a truck, then a bus plowed into the wreckage on federal highway M5 “Ural”. Six of the injured were in serious condition. The deceased included two residents of Penza, three residents of Zemetchinsky area, and three residents of Nizhnelomovsky area.

The bus was en route from Zemetchino village to Penza.

The driver of the car VAZ-2110 was a woman born in 1987. She lost control, drove into oncoming traffic and collided with Mercedes semi. She is in the hospital with a broken spine, and did not flee the accident.

Remains of fatalities, all victims of the burned bus, were taken to Vadinsk for DNA id. It is expected that the Gov of Penza will provide financial aid to the victims families.