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Wednesday November 22nd 2017

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7 Die in Bus Accident In Bolivia

What: Trans Azul company Bus 2029-ZIE en route to Oruro
Where: Yotalilla, Between Sucre and Potosi, Bolivia
When: Nov 30, 2012 11 pm.
Who: 50 aboard, 7 fatalities reported
Why: A Trans Azul company Bus skidded off road and flipped in Bolivia. The driver may have been speeding to pass another vehicle when he lost control on a curve.

Fifty aboard suffered injury and were hospitalized at Santa Barbara Hospital in Sucre. Seven of those were reported as fatalities. Three of those died at the scene, four at the hospital.

Most of those aboard were Bolivian, but one passenger was from Argentina.

Canaviri Lizet Martinez
Martinez Eulogia Chuca
Sergio Gonzalo Salguero Arciénega
Victor Tarqui Inca
Two unidentified females
A male person unidentified

People injured

Vania Yucra of 10 (years)
Carla Menacho (7)
Jordan Gabriel (15)
Andres Mena (3)
Angelica Eyebrows (52)
Juan Salinas (20)
Jaime Salinas (45)
Lucy House (19)
Augusto Llanos (48)
Estefania Huanca (42)
Gonzalo Cerso (25)
Yucra Augustine (35)
Zulma Mancilla (27)
Adela Chavez (34)
Rosmeri Condori (44)
Vanesa Alvino (17)
Cervano Modesto (35)
Ivana Peña (38)
Lizt Mitma (19)
Carla Felipe (34)
Marcelo Hurcuyo (34)
Basilia Shepherd (57)
Gonzalo Rojas (22)
Edgar Menacho (33)
Valeriano Rojas (45)
Igor Shock (17)
Reynaldo Quintanilla (29)
Mauricio Mena (36)
Alvaro Vargas (37)
Martha velasq8uesa (14)
Ruben Paiva (48)
Candida Velarde (43)
Abraham Poma (21)

passenger manifest