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Thursday August 16th 2018

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6 Dead, 45 Injured after Freight Train Hit a Passenger Train in Moscow

Train crash moscowA cargo train derailed and rammed into a passenger train between Naro-Fominsk and Bekasovo in Moscow, Russia.

The accident occurred at 12:38pm on May 20 when multiple cars of a cargo train derailed and hit the passenger train which was on its way from Moscow to Chisinau, Moldova through a parallel track.

Six people were pronounced dead after the accident while 45 others were injured. Twenty-five of the injured were in serious condition and were shifted to local hospitals.

The accident suspended the railway operations for a few hours. Moscow Railroad department maintained in a statement “At 19.17 the main track was re-opened, and at 23.55 all the work has been completed and the second main track was opened as well. From now on, the movement of passenger and commuter trains in the Nara-Bekasovo-1 route is carried out in full.”

The cause of accident is not clear at the moment.