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Saturday April 21st 2018

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Metra Crash Kills Two

What: 7 car Metra Commuter Rock Island train inbound to Chicago
Where: Chicago
When: July 22, 2011 Thursday 4 pm
Who: 2 fatalities (car) 89 passengers (train)
Why: In a collision with a car, the front car of a train derailed in near Oak Forest Station near Chicago. The train was going 60 mph.

THe car the two women were in was dragged a quarter of a mile, then the front car of the train derailed. Not much is left of the car in which the women were driving. (Seen in photo above, that little pile of debris to the right.)

The collision happened during rush hour.

Some of the 89 train commuters were injured but not many and not seriously. Two passengers were treated at Advocate South Suburban Hospital in Hazel Crest and 5 others were treated elsewhere. The outdoor temperatures were over 100 degrees, and those aboard the trains were quickly evacuated to buses with air conditioning in operation. Some of the passengers described the collision as a “big jolt,” and a “boom,” and said the train picked up speed after the collision. This would be because the shattered vehicle wedged between the train and the tracks.

Emergency services from at least five fire stations responded; 15 agencies in all responded.

Metra’s train carries an event recorder, similar to a plane’s black box.

Traffic on the line will be cancelled until the bent rails are repaired and inspected.