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Monday June 18th 2018

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Philippines: Florida Bus crash Injures

Video clip of Florida Bus

What: Florida Bus en route from Isabela to Cubao
Where: Barangay San Juan, Isabela, Philippines
When: Nov 8, 2010, 9:00 pm
Who: 20 injuries including Monico Durian, 51; Galvez Claro, 70; Ian Chang, 23; Maria Kaye Isabela Ricablanca , 20; Marco Manalo, 36; Allen Calata, 5; Henry Takiki, 45; Benedict Labbino, 33; Goldwynne Tomas, 28; Rolando Muros, 43; Julita Questin, 67; and Kevin Sy 19.
Why: Bus driver Jackson Duran, who is in police custody, said the accident happened because the road was slippery. The bus was passing another vehicle on a down grade on the asphalt road at the time of the crash.

20 injured passengers were treated at Isabela Doctors General hospital and Sr. Memorial Hospital in Ilagan.